Are you a non-profit organization?

No, we are a for-profit business that believes in ethical business practices, and that we have a collective responsibility to give back to our communities

How are the charities that benefit from your competition selected?

The People’s Choice winner selects the charity that benefits from the following month’s competition. The criteria are that the charity must be registered as a non-profit organisation, must do work that benefits babies and must be willing to participate in the Angel’s Choice selection process.

How do you generate your profits?

Our profits are generated through SMS and I-Pay Instant EFT votes

Can my pet still win if I don’t submit any SMS votes?

No, To be eligible to win in the Angel’s Choice category, where our nominated charity selects the winners you require 20 votes. Remember that by voting though you are also supporting a great cause and eligible to win even bigger prizes.

How does the Angel’s Choice process work?

A team from the nominated charity will review all entries and select their favourite stars

How will my pet's photo be used?

Your pet’s photo will feature on our competitions page, and if he/she wins, they will feature in our Winner’s Galaxy. When you enter the competition you also give us permission to use their picture on our social media channels.

Can I enter more than one pet?

Absolutely! But why not improve their chances by entering them in separate months?

You say you donate 30% of your profits to charity – what if you don’t make any profit?

We have committed to donating a minimum of R2500 per month to charity, even if we don’t make a profit

How does the Star Gauge work?

The Star Gauge shows how your little star is performing in the People's Choice competition relative to other entrants. It changes constantly based on how many votes your entry is getting versus other entries.

Can I enter someone else’s Pet?

You must be the legal owner of the pet to consent to their entry into the competition. You can of course encourage friends and family to enter their pets and vote for them to win!