We pride ourselves in providing rescue, rehabilitation, relief, primary health care, sterilization and educational efforts, on the ground in impoverished communities and farms in Cape Town, by applying life changing and life saving interventions.

We rescue hopelessly abused, neglected and unwanted animals, to ensure they never have to suffer again, by rehabilitating them first then re-homing them into loving homes. We also provide relief for an animal who will have no quality of life or no positive prognosis for recovery, by humane euthanasia. .

Our additional efforts are in the rescue, rehabilitation and education of farm animals, for those who use them wrongfully, cruelly, or abusively, to teach about their affectionate, sensitive and clever natures. Despite what the animal agriculture industry claims. Their industry relies on removing their children from their mothers, breeding programs that make animals grow faster but makes life unsustainable, cruel confinement and medical procedures that occur without anesthetic and severely reduced life spans for all animals, including egg laying chickens, dairy cows, goats, sheep and even pigs. It doesn't take long after spending time with misused and misunderstood farm animals to realize they are sentient in all ways; intelligent, fun-loving, friendly and have distinct personalities. They are creatures who value their lives, fear the same things we do and mourn their dead. Culture tell us farms animals are stupid creatures who don't have desires or a need to have a fulfilling life, but we are here to completely change that. .

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